♫♪  Radiohead - “Man Of War”

Ahead of tomorrow’s release of OK Computer reissue OKNOTOK, Radiohead have shared a new video for the previously unreleased but much-talked-about track “Man Of War.” Apparently, the group never did quite finish recording the more aggressive, dissonant version heard in the Meeting People Is Easy documentary (which is not surprising if you watched the doc), but it’s nice to hear a full studio version of the track nonetheless, isn’t it?

OKNOTOK is dedicated to Thom Yorke’s late partner Rachel Owen, and it’s being released tomorrow. To celebrate (or because it just worked out that way — who knows), the band will be performing on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage, roughly 20 years after their famous 1997 Glastonbury performance. (“Andy, can you turn on the lights so we can see the people, ‘cause we haven’t seen ‘em yet.”)

In related news, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood have announced a duo show for August 20 at the Sferisterio Stadium in Macerata, Italy. Will Phil Selway, Ed O’Brien, and Colin Greenwood announce a competing show at another location the same day? Yep! Stay tuned.

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