♫♪  Rob Magill - Biko, Isla Vista California Jan. 2014

My name is Robert Magill, and believe it or not, you’re a part of me.” Best introduction ever.

Rob Magill still keepin’ it real, everyone. And thank goodness, ‘cause there ain’t nothing more genuine than someone outside Brooklyn tryna get some face-time with peeps. ESPECIALLY in the sprawl of California, shoot. But it’s good to keep that guitar-and-mic vibe while also switching lanes to something a little more free-form. For about the first 15 minutes is a solid Rob and his lyrics, and then the back up comes on board, with Dan Masiel and Shaine Scarminach on guitars and Sean Scanlan pummeling drums. Making it a lovely stage.

Rob’s been gettin’ buck this year with his newly formed label Weird Cry too, including releases by Dreamcolour (along-side Alex Gray) and Redundant Orchestra Ensemble. As well as having popped out a tape on Sun Ark. So, as usual, be on the look out for more Magill this year, as I heard the fellah is grippin’ a computer here soon and I imaging faster turn-around will ensue!

• Rob Magill: http://rob-magill.bandcamp.com
• Rob Magill: http://weirdcry.bandcamp.com

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