♫♪  Robedoor & Master Class & Plus True Light & DJ DEBORAH DOWNER - LIVE AT COAXIAL - April 26, 2015!

Here’s a bit of mental breakdown for you: a two hour video set of Robedoor & Master Class & Plus True Light & DJ DEBORAH DOWNER playing live at COAXIAL last Saturday. And even though the whole night probably lasted six hours, luckily, viewer, you get the home-edition, but don’t expect much pleasantry, unless you’re into the manic and psychotic. Thank darkness I am. Though, these players don’t match up exactly in sound, it’s still a perfect video for cooking or cleaning or just pretending like you live in L.A. Either way, not much to say outside: WATCH THIS NOW!

• ROBEDOOR: http://robedoor.tumblr.com
• MASTER CLASS: https://soundcloud.com/masterclass-4
• Plus True Light: https://soundcloud.com/plustruelight
• COAXIAL: http://coaxialarts.org

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