♫♪  Samiyam (ft. Earl Sweatshirt) - “Mirror”

I was a fan of TMT for almost 10 years before they reluctantly agreed to let me write for them. I loved the irreverent, critical, and intimate styles featured on the/this site. My day wasn’t complete unless I refreshed the homepage 100 billion times. And I mean that. It’s not an overstatement. Trust me. You can trust me. Everyday. And I never came to the site for breaking news or garbage clicks. I didn’t even care about the actual information; I just wanted that sweet, sweet music and one-sided conversation with one of the many great writers about a topic I may or may not have cared about.

Which bring me to this Samiyam track, “Mirror” and how I found out about it the day after Stones Throw put it up online. Immediately, I felt this sense of panic. That I had missed out on posting about it the day it premiered. That the world beneath my feet was crumbling, and that foul demons would scorch the earth? Luckily, I gassed up my brain with some fucking patience, and I realized a different, less edited version of the above blah-blah to share. I relaxed. I enjoyed the video. Immediacy is a devil, I tell’s ya!

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