♫♪  Sculpture - “Extract 2”

Here’s a video I want you to stare at for a few minutes from UK duo Sculpture, who are known for infusing their music with optic tricks, like printing animations on picture discs, etc. Their new album on Digitalis (the first for the label in what will certainly be a very successful year to follow) comes on slime-green vinyl, has a little zoetrope on the label, and just plain looks awesome, which should come as no surprise. The eye-popping video embedded above is no less the stunner, creating intermittent illusions of stationary birds through varying speeds of a rotating set of images (I… I think that’s what’s happening — basically mirroring the effect of a stroboscope, like you find on a lot of record players). But in addition to letting your pupils dilate over all this stuff, it’s just as important to dig the music as well, so maybe while you’re busy rubbing your eyes after getting through the first run-through, hit play again and give yourself a chance to check out the gyroscope of synths splattering all over the audio field as this extract whips itself around.

• Sculpture: http://tapebox.co.uk
• Digitalis: http://www.digitalisindustries.com/music

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