♫♪  Shapednoise - Deafening Chaos Serenity

Matching the utter brutality that was last year inch for inch, Italian-born/Berlin-based producer and DJ Shapednoise has blessed (cursed?) us with Deafening Chaos Serenity, an EP so punishing it threatens to rip apart sound systems and spirits alike. Contouring his compositions from tall walls of bass and static, the artist born Nino Pedone lives up to his chosen name, giving us fully controlled tours of his explosive noisescapes rendered in extreme clear hi-def to make its hard edges and the low, loowwwwww end land with extra force. An unapologetically massive experience, tempered with an undercurrent of reflective serenity, this is the opposite of a casual listen, and all the better for it.

Also backing up Pedone here are featured guests Rabit and Roly Porter (whose excellent 2016 LP Third Law charted similar territory with a more celestial bent), collaborations that help to position this record in the same deep space cavern of metaphysical, immersive noise those artists have set up camp in.

Deafening Chaos Serenity is available now from Type Recordings; you can stream selections from the record below. Also feast on the record’s companion video from Werkflow, which visualizes the EP through harsh ash and ice video game graphics (see above).

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