♫♪  Sleep - “The Clarity”

mind absorption

Heavy lies the pathway to nowhere. Heavy lies the armor mounted upon your body. Heavy lies the crowned helmet of the traveler. Heavy lies Sleep, who began deteriorating around 1998, branched off into OM (amongst others), popped off some live bullshit in 2012, and then reupped for Adult Swim Singles “16 weeks, 16 songs” initiative, which includes new Fati Al stuff too (mentioned her just for that publicity overkill).

Curious who’s curating all these musicians for Adult Swim Singles. Anyhow, wtf are you still reading? Just listen. Drag yourself through an infinity gaze and sizzle out!

• Sleep: http://weedian.com/index.html
• Adult Swim Singles: http://video.adultswim.com/music/singles-2014

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