Similar to the melancholic minimalism of Serpent Music and hyper experimentation in Live In Paris, SWAN MEAT pulses and entangles similar veins with new track “DEEJAY ISOCAL.” Carefully produced vocals narrate crisp, examined lyrics, framing “DEEJAY ISOCAL” in a foreground of a low-end bowed bass and (un)real keyed “Sunshine” piano notes, with quiet trickles and slithers caressing the background. Having heard a slew of other SWAN MEAT tracks, “DEEJAY ISOCAL” provides a new direction for the Chicago producer, showing adaptable artistic abilities, and philanthropic ideals, as every $1 purchasing the track on Bandcamp will be donated to NEDA.

Even Michael Green — famed eBay .GIF salesperson — came outta cyber-space just enough to make the video for “DEEJAY ISOCAL” above, and a NewHive Blog page. Get interactive. Feel the distance. Sinew in a stretch with SWAN MEAT.

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