♫♪  Tarana - “Myvatn”

Off the duo’s newest release, A FIRE OF FLOWERS GROWS AROUND US, Tarana (Ravish Momin & Rick Parker) develops listeners’ hearing with their single, most pleasantly haunting first track, “Myvatn.” Paired with visuals by Alexandra Momin, “Myvatn” is portrayed as if their bodies are vessels of the sounds they conjure and mingle, blending in a world brimming of visuals that will always present the immediacy of sound, but never exactly be identified by each witness. Like how a body of water land-locked in America will sound different then standing on the Indian Ocean shores. Or how standing in line to buy a pack of smokes in Manhattan will experience different (melted, of course) conversations than waiting in a mob of people at a farmer’s market in Glasgow. But that’s jazz, isn’t it? Presenting meaning to the purveyor through the device of sound, rather than defining it through distinguishable audio. Thus the collage of production Tarana develops in “Myvatn.”

By way of persistence and mentality maintenance, Ravish Momin & Rick Parker have been exploring sonic ground in various ways as Tarana since 2003. Wondermachine found the duo’s exploration more than fantastic, and will be dropping their newest release A FIRE OF FLOWERS GROWS AROUND US September 18. Enjoy the video for “Myvatn” above and await musical destiny.

• Tarana: https://tarananyc.wordpress.com
• Wondermachine: http://www.wondermachine.net

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