♫♪  The Garment District - “Cavendish on Whist”

I’m willing to bet “Cavendish on Whist” was a late night burner for The Garment District (a.k.a. Jeniffer Baron). Sounds like not being able to fall asleep while tryna finish that video project you’ve been working on for the past week. The past week has been sleepless in a fade of VHS lines across your eyes. Images can’t stick around on tape longer than they linger your mind. Thus is the haunting quality of “Cavendish on Whist.”

The Garment District has been stirring up the music pot since her new LP If You Take Your Magic Slow popped on Night People last month. Not only did the cover art make TMT’s Art Fetish: July 2014 feature, but I interviewed the gal around mid-July, and it was published recently here (or just click the sidebar). After reading and then listening to “Cavendish on Whist” (but mostly If You Take Your Magic Slow), I feel like y’all’ll be able to pick up on all the MUCHAS and GRACIAS nuances in her musical tendencies and artistic natures.

The video above was made by deep post-Pittsburgh/current-Iowa City multimedia guru, Thad Kellstadt. He also helped Jeniffer with the video for “Secondhand Sunburn and is working on a remix of one of If You Take Your Magic Slow’s tracks. And a lil birdie told me, “Stay tuned for [the two] to collaborate on new music in the future!”

• The Garment District: http://thegarmentdistrictmusic.com
• Night People Records: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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