♫♪  The Innernettes - “Nem tudo que ferve é vapor” / “Vapor Bubble Gum / Word Tutorial” / ”ピッチファック”

Yo, y’all ready for this $Real$ vaporwave action? Well, The Innernettes about to bird-call off on ya telephone, so anss-ahh ya telephone! Three straight-G Brazilian v-wave videos getting in on the always fading topic: The Innernettes. RIGHT! Above is the video for “Nem tudo que ferve é vapor” (or “Not all that boils is vapor”) is not only as dark as the music/melody/sludging/twinkling, but equally curious in meaning. As vaporwave is always fleeting, the interpretation could be different with the video for (and DEFINITELY the song) “Nem tudo que ferve é vapor.” Essentially, though, it’s corporate attack.

Next up is “Vapor Bubble Gum / Word Tutorial.” It starts off more like a Ferrari Jackson tune, but with the video (I assume the segment…) “Vapor Bubble Gum,” I assume there’s some sort of underlining commentary here about, like - *smile* *smile* *smile* *DO IT* *smile* And there’s “Word Tutorial,” which is just a berate of THIS IS SOMETHING REGAL AND IMPORTANT AND LISTEN AND LEARN AND LANGUAGE! Barriers of language can only be crossed in art. The Innernettes commands this barrier be brought to its knees.

The final video below for “ピッチファック” (which Google Translate says it means “Pitch Fuck”) looks like the super mature, anti-commercial break, and product-placement driven Japanese version of Blossom. Then, zones go to a maximum of out-takes and “remember-whens” as The Innernettes take both sampled sounds and sporadically clipped videos to next level colors and creation. Yet, setting fire to the unreal is The Innernettes mode of operation, no?

For the win, I’ve included The Innernettes’ newest release Hi mom! streaming below:

• The Innernettes: https://theinnernettes.bandcamp.com

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