♫♪  Thee Oh Sees - “The Lens”

Welp, thank goodness Thee Oh Sees got a new album coming out April 19 and I’m glad we’re all considering the word hiatus as “a mere lapse in live performances.” So, following along the same lines as “Minotaur,” the last track off their 2013 album Floating Coffin(TMT Review), Thee Oh Sees takes another quite exit with their new single “The Lens.” Here in the video, it looks like an Heinz Edelmann remix of that muffled vision in everyone’s 21-century life. I ‘effing missed an Heinz Edelmann exhibit practically 15 minutes away from my spot and kinda got sad, but figured, “All you need is love,” right? WRONG. Today’s living is meek and instant. “The Lens” lays it out easy. Follow directions!

• Thee Oh Sees: http://www.theeohsees.com
• Castle Face Records: http://www.castlefacerecords.com

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