♫♪  Tim Hecker - “Rose Light”

“Warmth,” is an empty term in music critique. The word’s vagueness and misuse throughout the last few decades have cemented its fate as filler. From observation alone, warmth is often used when referring to harmonious, swelling pads. We can equate this to comfort. What about intense warmth? Can it be switched out for a word like “burn,” or “singe”? Maybe, although it’s hard to tell because of warmth’s use in every Brian Eno or Kevin Shields-related article. I’m confident in saying though, that Tim Hecker’s installment for the Adult Swim Singles Program, “Rose Light,” burns hotter than the name suggests.

Compared to previous works, “Rose Light,” falls closer to Ravedeath, 1972, than to Hecker’s most recent release, Love Streams.“Rose Light,” is more of fully-cranked heat lamp than a sunset glow. It morphs itself into increasingly distorted territory at seemingly random rates until becoming engulfed in the sound of MAX/MSP failing. By the end, you can almost hear the organs screaming out into the harsh synthetic world that Hecker has become a master of creating.

Also, lookout for a nearby city on Tim Hecker’s upcoming tour.

Tim Hecker tour dates:
5/05 - San Francisco (USA) - Mutek Festival
5/16 - Winnipeg (CAN) - WE Cultural Centre
5/17 - Edmonton (CAN) - 9910
5/18 - Edmonton (CAN) - 9910
5/19 - Vancouver (CAN) - Fortune Sound Club
5/31 - Innsbruck (AUS) - Treibhaus
6/01 - St Petersberg (RUS) - The Place
6/02 - Moscow (RUS) - Pluton
6/09 - Zurich (SWI) - Schauspielhaus
8/02 - Amsterdam (NED) - Dekmantel (Shelter)

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