♫♪  Willie Green - “The Feathered Octopus” ft. Elucid & Open Mike Eagle

The original Feathered Octopus was a pulp magazine from August 1937, wherein “Lured into a trap by a bogus appeal to his sense of goodness, Doc Savage saw a dangerous plot to gain control of all the world’s airlines. But the monstrous financial manipulator High Lar, his wife Lo Lar and their gang hadn’t counted on the superhuman strength and cunning of the Man of Bronze to uncover their evil plan!” The new “Feathered Octopus” is also a tale of good vs. evil, but here the heroes and villains are face and heel luchadors. Maybe they went this route with the video because “The Feathered Octopus” sounds like it’d be the name of a wrestler’s finishing move, or maybe it’s just that lucha libre has a way of capturing the imagination.

Case in point: in lost film Beyond the Crack: The El Grande Story, the titular protagonist finds himself, under the direction of manager Jack Ass, going up against a cast of unfortunates, including The Bastard Man Goat, Sir Jobs a Lot, and Vigilante, who finishes every match by shooting his opponent dead and therefore is always on the run from the law.

These are the stories we tell ourselves to make sense out of this here crazy world. Referee Willie Green’s Doc Savage album is out now on Backwoodz Studioz.

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