Project Pabst 2016
Waterfront Park; Portland, OR

Pabst unicorn hat

This is the story of how two music festivals really love each other ….like each other very much… compete against each other and decide to become one!

Once upon a time, not too very long ago, MusicfestNW — SXSW’s younger, distant cousin — was the coolest festival in town. But when Project Pabst moved in to Portland, MusicfestNW ditched their long-time friends, changed their look, and started hanging out down on waterfront with a different crowd. Project Pabst, with their young, hipster attitude and flair set up further down the waterfront, hanging out in the gravel fields of Zidel Yards. This new festival was stealing MFNW’s thunder! For two summers, Project Pabst and MusicfestNW competed for likes and fans, each holding their ground. But there was room for only one festival in Portland, and, well, Project Pabst paid Musicfest to slip into the shadows. So, in 2016, the 2 became… MusipabstNW? ProjectfestNW? Or, uh… PabstfestNW. Or… something.


• Most Changed - Ween.
• Most Unchanged - Andrew W.K. He still knows how to party.
• Best Dressed - STARFUCKER. NASA space suits win everytime.
• Best Smile - A$AP Ferg. That grill, tho.

Liv Warfield

Andrew W.K.

A$AP Ferg


Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Ice Cube w/ NWA

Duran Duran

Drive Like Jehu


guitar glasses

Tame Impala

confetti canon crowd

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