Andrew W.K. announces new record You’re Not Alone, transcends time and space with world’s best cover art

Andrew W.K. announces new record You’re Not Alone, transcends time and space with world’s best cover art

YESSS…finally. A new Andrew W.K. record. I suppose the powers that be decided earth’s rollicking population of party rockers had gone on long enough without fresh tunes from the fun-loving, white-tee donning metalhead, so they decided to give them all an early Christmas present with news of the ex-weatherman’s seventh studio album — his first in nearly a decade.

The longplayer, titled You’re Not Alone, is set to drop May 2 of next year on Red Music/Sony Music, and fans can expect it to be chock-full of the signature, high-octane party anthems that’ve made Andrew the hair-farming rock god that he is today.

According to an official statement, in fact, the new tracks will be “reflections on the push and pull between freedom and restriction…a confirmation of everything you are, rejection of all you are not, and, at times, a blurring of the difference between the two. Doubt becomes certainty, confusion becomes clarity, and the fear of life becomes the courage to live it completely.”

Fuck yeah, Andrew. I don’t know what any of that means - at all - but I’m right there with you.

In addition to the announcement of the new record (and equally important to it), W.K. has also revealed the album’s cover art; and it is truly, truly glorious. The image — which was painted by legendary fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell — features Andrew standing alone under a starry night sky, a corded mic stuffed securely into the front of his trademark white pants as he stares into the eyes of some fantastical, reptilian-like dragon creature. An absolute masterclass, without a doubt. View it down below.

You can also check out an introspective video below of Vallejo, Bell, and Andrew discussing the origins and artistic process that went into designing the cover image (which spanned a period of 6+ months) and pre-order various formats of You’re Not Alone (including signed CD/LP bundles) right here from PledgeMusic.

Long live party rock, and in the words of Lord Andrew himself, “if you ever feel down, just remember that I’m out here — partying for you.”

You’re Not Alone tracklisting:

01. The Power of Partying
02. Music Is Worth Living For
03. Ever Again
04. I Don’t Know Anything
05. The Feeling of Being Alive
06. Party Mindset
07. The Party Never Dies
08. Give Up On You
09. Keep On Going
10. In Your Darkest Moments
11. The Devil’s On Your Side
12. Break The Curse
13. Total Freedom
14. Beyond Oblivion
15. Confusion and Clarity
16. You’re Not Alone

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