Biking downtown with no brakes

- Can you wait in the car?
- I’m sorry but no, I can’t. Let’s go to the door and ride as crazy people with no brakes in our bikes, head on to nowhere.
- OK, but if the sweat descends, you won’t be able to lay down, this will be a bicycle race! I challenge you!
- Oh no, what can I do? OK, run baby, run for cover, into the sky, we are so free… I want you to remember me.

01. Breeders - “Wait In The Car”
02. Pixies - “Vamos”
03. HMLTD - “To The Door”
04. Perro - “Bicicleta”
05. SKATERS - “Head On To Nowhere”
06. Les Savy Fav - “The Sweat Descends”
07. DMA’S - “Lay Down”
08. Queen - “Bicycle Race”
09. The Rosebuds - “What Can I Do?”
10. The Killers - “Run For Cover”
11. Pnau - “Into The Sky”
12. Beck - “I’m So Free”
13. Tame Impala - “Remember Me”

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