Disco for disco haters

01. Cristina - “Blame it on Disco”
02. Paradise Frame - “Boogie Zone”
03. ESG - “Moody”
04. The Contortions - “Contort Yourself”
05. Cristina - “What’s a Girl to Do?”
06. Liquid Liquid - “Cavern”
07. Dinosaur L - “Clean on Your Bean #1”
08. Alexander Robotnick - “Dance Boy Dance”
09. Rip Rig + Panic - “Bob Hope Takes Risks”
10. The Higsons - “Put the Punk Back into the Funk”
11. The Lounge Lizards - “Do the Wrong Thing”
12. Lizzy Mercier Descloux - “Wawa”
13. Material - “Memory Serves”
14. The Bush Tetras - “Too Many Creeps”
15. Algebra Suicide - “Please Respect Our Decadence”
16. Mark Stewart + The Maffia - “The Wrong Name and the Wrong Number”

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