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01. Blind Pilot - “The Story I Heard”
02. Kanga - “Going Red”
03. The Faint - “Quench the Flame”
04. Andrea Wasse - “Sinners and Saints”
05. Syrian - “Fire in Your Eyes”
06. Assemblage 23 - “The Noise Inside My Head”
07. Metric - “Gimme Sympathy”
08. Peter Murphy - “Subway (Epilogue)”
09. Röyksopp - “I Had This Thing”
10. Delerium - “Run for It (feat. Leigh Nash”
11. Young & Rollins - “Scorpion”
12. Beborn Beton - “Terribly Wrong”
13. Five Finger Death Punch - “Wrong Side of Heaven”
14. The Pretty Reckless - “Heaven Knows

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