Driving at midnight, feeling free and empowered and infinite

Didn’t include anything that doesn’t give me chills or that you can’t dance to while sitting in a car. Godspeed.

01. Pinkshinyultrablast - “Holy Forest” (Everything Else Matters)
02. Sunset Rubdown - “The Taming Of The Hands That Came Back To Live” (Random Spirit Lover)
03. Civil Civic - “Street Trap” (Rules)
04. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - “White Witch” (Ashes Grammar)
05. Grimes - “Circumambient” (Visions)
06. Holy Fuck - “Lovely Allen” (LP)
07. Zach Hill - “The Primitives Talk” (Face Tat)
08. iamamiwhoami - “Play” (Kin)
09. Black Moth Super Rainbow - “Melt Me” (Dandelion Gum)
10. Dan Deacon - “Get Older” (Bromst)

Mix Tapes

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