Erase all those fake human interactions

I’m not a positivist, but I made a mix for an infinite one. Tracks that express disconnectedness, frustration with human relations, artificial relations, and longings for something more authentic.

01. Radiohead - “How to Disappear Completely”
02. Radiohead - “Let Down”
03. The Voidz - “Human Sadness”
04. Joanna Newsom - “Cosmia”
05. Fleetwood Mac - “Little Lies”
06. The Smashing Pumpkins - “Believe”
07. Chvrches - “Gun”
08. Arcade Fire - “Everything Now”
09. Arcade Fire - “We Don’t Deserve Love”
10. The Strokes - “Call it Fate, Call it Karma”
11. Bill Withers - “Lean on Me”
12. Ben E King - “Stand by Me”

Mix Tapes

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