Everyone’s telling me I should be in a relationship and I probably should want to be in a relationship but I kinda really don’t want to and I think it’s laziness

Hey, I say you should ride the ‘single and not lonely’ wave as far as you possibly can.

01. Green Day – “Longview” (Dookie)
02. The Moldy Peaches – “Lucky Number Nine” (s/t)
03. David Bowie – “Golden Years” (Station To Station)
04. John Coltrane - “Acknowledgement” (A Love Supreme)
05. Abc – “The Look Of Love” (The Lexicon Of Love)
06. John Frusciante – “My Smile Is A Rifle” (Niandra Lades and Usually Just A T-Shirt)
07. Health – “Die Slow” (Get Color)
08. OMG – “Autre Ne Veut” (s/t)
09. Talking Heads – “I’m Not In Love” (More Songs About Buildings And Food)
10. Robyn – “Hang With Me (Acoustic)” (Body Talk Pt.1)

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