I can’t bear the idea of working full time, let alone for the rest of my life

The infinite possibility of work is truly terrifying, but with these trusty soldiers, maybe you wont stop believing.

01. Elvis Costello - "Welcome To The Working Week" (My Aim Is True)
02. Hot Chip - "Over and Over" (The Warning)
03. The Beatles - "Eight Days A Week" (Beatles For Sale)
04. Good Shoes - "Ice Age" (Think Before You Speak)
05. Elliot Smith - "Bottle Up And Explode!" (XO)
06. Bob Dylan - "Working Man Blues #2" (Modern Times)
07. Ben Folds Five - "Battle Of Who Could Care Less" (Whatever and Ever Amen)
08. Beck - "Loser" (Mellow Gold)
09. The White Stripes - "The Union Forever" (White Blood Cells)
10. Belle & Sebastian - "For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea" (The Life Pursuit)
11. The Kinks - "Where Have All The Good Times Gone" (The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2))
12. LCD Soundsystem - "Us V Them" (Sound Of Silver)
13. The Flaming Lips - "It Overtakes Me, The Stars are So Big, I am So Small, Do I Stand a Chance?" (At War With The Mystics)
14. Rilo Kiley - "Picture Of Success" (Take Offs And Landings)
15. Death Cab For Cutie - "The Sound Of Settling" (Transatlanticism)

Bonus Track

Journey - "Don't Stop Believin" (Escape)

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