I challenge you to find some songs about sandwiches

Challenge accepted!

01. Panda Bear - “Search For Delicious”
02. Busdriver - “Reality Sandwich”
03. YYU - “11pm breakfast sandwich”
04. Kai Whiston - “Rubens”
05. Mika Miko - “Turkey Sandwich”
06. King Missile III - “The Little Sandwich That Got a Guilt Complex Because He Was The Sole Survivor Of A Horrible Bus Crash”
07. Gang of Four - “Cheeseburger”
08. The Mothers of Invention - “Cruising For Burgers”
09. Milo - “Peanut Butter Sandwiches”
10. Thelonious Martin - “Hero”
11. The Bulletproof Tiger - “An Awkward Moment With a Grilled Cheese Sandwich”
12. Flying Lotus - “Beginners Falafel”
13. Shirtless Thugs - “Hoagie Jawn”

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