I fall in love with every girl on this tape because they all play cute music with even cuter lyrics.

01. Mirah - "Lucky Little Shark" (Advisory Committee)
02. Fat Tulips - "To Put It Bluntly" (Where's Clare Grogan Now? )
03. The Softies - "It's Love" (It's Love)
04. Freeloan Investments - "Kick His Balls Out" (Ever Been to Mexico)
05. Talulah Gosh - "Beatnik Boy" (Backwash)
06. Headlights - "TV" (Kill Them With Kindness)
07. The Smittens - "Twee Valley High" (Gentlefication Now!)
08. Rose Melberg - "Irene" (Cast Away the Clouds)
09. Acid House Kings - "Keep Your Love" (Do What You Wanna Do)
10. Arrah and the Ferns - "Emo Phillips" (Evan is a Vegan)
11. The Blow - "True Affection" (Paper Television)
12. Eux Autres - "Other Girls" (Hell is Eux Autres)
13. Black Tambourine - "Black Car" (Complete Recordings)
14. El Perro del Mar - "God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)" (El Perro del Mar)
15. Heavenly - "I'm Not Scared of You" (Le Jardin de Heavenly)
16. The Brunettes - "Holding Hands, Feeling Ducks" (Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks)

Compiled by: taguetherestless

01. Emily Jane Powers- "What You've Already Become" (Artifacts)
02. Even In Blackouts- "In a Letter" (Foreshadows on the Wall)
03. Go Sailor- "Last Year" (Go Sailor)
04. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins- "It Wasn't Me" (Rabbit Fur Coat)
05. Kimya Dawson- "You Love Me" (Hidden Vagenda)
06. Lemuria- "Keep Quiet" (Your Living Room Is All Over Me)
07. Madeline- "The Piece That Fits" (Kissing and Dancing)
08. Molly-Jean- "Kisses and Fists" (Valley of the Doll's House)
09. The Unlovables- "Let's Not Fight" (Heartsickle)
10. Antsy Pants- "Tree Hugger" (Antsy Pants)
11. This Is My Fist- "Wine and Cheese" (Acoustic EP that's floating around on the internet)

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