I hate that you didn’t feel the way I felt and that you aren’t hurt the way I’m hurt.

Aww, sorry kid. Have a good wallow in some of these mood pieces. Just let it all out. Then skip to the last track and gear up to take on the world again. Chin up!

01. Swans - “Animus” (Soundtracks for the Blind)
02. Julian Fane - “In Space” (Special Forces)
03. Nest - “Far From Land” (Retold)
04. Grouper - “Heavy Water / I’d Rather Be Sleeping” (Dragging a Dead Deer Up A Hill)
05. Forest Swords - “If Your Girl” (Dagger Paths)
06. Riya - “Seems Like” (Seems Like / The Cycle)
07. The Internal Tulips - “Talking Hoshizaki Blues” (Mislead Into a Field by a Deformed Deer)
08. µ-ziq - “Goodbye, Goodbye” (Royal Astronomy)
09. Coil - “Going Up” (The Ape of Naples)
10. Iggy Pop - “Success” (Lust for Life)

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