I have been stalking my Ex-Girlfriend for three weeks and I need something to listen to while sittin

A Dumping Time-line, In Brief:

Week one: Delusional nostalgia of prior romance boggles mind.

Week two: Bitter depression officially sets in.

Week three: Final epiphany: Sex Sux (Amen)

01. The Kinks - "You Really Got Me" (The Kinks)
02. The Velvet Underground - "Over You" (1969: Velvet Underground Live, Vol. 2)
03. Broken Social Scene - "Lover's Spit" (You Forgot It In People)
04. The Modern Lovers - "She Cracked" (The Modern Lovers)
05. Portishead - "Numb" (Dummy)
06. Islands - "Creeper" (Anti-)
07. The Misfits - "Angelfuck" (Legacy of Brutality)
08. The Vaselines - "Sex Sux (Amen)" (Dum-Dum)
09. The Buzzcocks - "Orgasm Addict" (Another Music in a Different Kitchen)
10. Grinderman - "No Pussy Blues" (Grinderman)

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