I need to come up with weird music to play on my radio show next semester, but I got a girlfriend so I haven’t been listening to as much weird music

01. Farrah Abraham - “The Phone Call That Changed My Life”
02. Babyfather - “10_10 Freestyle”
03. Kero Kero Bonito - “Graduation”
04. Melt-Banana - “My Missing Link”
05. Aaron Dilloway - “Born In A Maze”
06. Vatican Shadow - “Remember Your Black Day”
07. Holly Herndon - “Lonely At The Top”
08. Silver Mt. Zion - “Sit In The Middle of Three Galloping Dogs”
09. Current 93 - “All The Pretty Little Horsies”
10. Jandek - “What Can I Say What Can I Sing”
11. Keiji Haino - “My Only Friend”
12. The Rita - “Wolf Pack”

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