I need to find more novel Hazy Lo-fi house for my currently stagnant college radio show

01. Huerco S. - “Untitled” (No Jack 12”)
02. Mall Grab - “Drive” (Elegy)
03. Galcher Lustwerk - “Put On” (White Material)
04. Matthieu Faubourg - “Please, Stay” (Fair EP)
05. Floating Points - “ARP3” (Shadows EP)
06. LUZ1E - “U Know How I’m Feeling” (UGONGETIT002)
07. DJ Seinfeld - “I Saw Her Kiss Him In Front Of Me And I Was Like Wtf?” (Time Spent Away from U)
08. Unknown Artist - “You Can Fuck Off” ( You Can F*ck Off / So Can You)
09. Beta Librae - “Voyager 1” (S/T)
10. Iron Galaxy - “Attention Seeker” (Attention Seeker)
11. Fede Lng - “Looking from Above (ft. Yaeji)” (Single)
12. Shinichi Atobe - “Butterfly Effect” (Butterfly Effect)

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