i should be sleeping, but i’m worried about you and thinking about him

This is a modified version of my “generic depressed night-time” play list. I found that a lot of the lyrics to these songs seemed to match what you’re worried about. Listen, and remember that the morning will arrive soon.

Side A
01. Atlas Sound - “Bored Dub” (Virtual 7” No.3)
02. M83 - “Facing That” (s/t)
03. Animal Collective - “Loch Raven” (Feels)
04. Low - “July” (Things We Lost in the Fire)
05. The Album Leaf - “Summer Fog” (A Chorus of Storytellers)
06. Kevin Drew - “Broke Me Up” (Spirit If…)
07. Shocking Pinks - “You Can Make Me Feel Bad” (s/t)
08. Joanna Newsom - “Go Long” (Have One On Me)

Side B
01. Mogwai - “Helps Both Ways” (Come On Die Young)
02. The Smiths - “This Night Has Opened My Eyes” (Hatful of Hollow)
03. The Magnetic Fields - “When You’re Old and Lonely” (Get Lost)
04. Air - “Highschool Lover” (The Virgin Suicides soundtrack)
05. Radiohead - “Lucky” (OK Computer)
06. Slowdive - “Alison” (Souvlaki)
07. The xx - “Shelter” (s/t)
08. Panda Bear - “You Can Count On Me” (You Can Count on Me 7”)
09. Boards of Canada - “Hi Scores” (Hi Scores EP)

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