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cottonbear.tumblr.com if anyone cares

01. Stereolab - “Brakhage” (Dots and Loops)
02. Cate Wurtz - “puppychow” (puppychow)
03. Beat Happening - “Tiger Trap”
04. Mount Eerie - “I Say ‘No’” (Dawn)
05. Joanna Newsom - “Sawdust & Diamonds”
06. 银霞 - “你那好冷的手” (你那好冷的手)
07. Oh, Yoko - “Seashore (Sprinkles’ Ambient Ballroom)” (Seashore)
08. Galaxie 500 - “Tugboat” (Today)
09. Animal Collective - “Always You” (Unreleased)
10. Aphex Twin - “IZ-US” (Come to Daddy EP)
11. The Beach Bullies - “Doesn’t Matter Anymore” (We Rule the Universe)
12. The Magnetic Fields - “100,000 Fireflies” (Distant Plastic Trees)
13. Wire - “Used To” (Chairs Missing)
14. Sonic Youth - “Blink” (The Destroyed Room)
15. Grouper - “Living Room” (The Man Who Died in His Boat)
16. Quadrant - “Dub II” (Dub)

Mix Tapes

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