I want the human race to die.

Note from Sketch: I tried to give this a pretty good variety of music as I know from my ownhating of mankind, it can come in many different flavors. Hopefully it's not too heavy for you.

Part A: Music to commit mass genocide to

01. Electric Wizard - "Dopethrone" (Dopethrone)
02. Slayer - "Angel of Death" (Reign in Blood)
03. Naplam Death - "Contemptuous" (Utopia Banished)

Part B: Music to sulk in your hate to

04. Black Sabbath - "Under the Sun everyday comes and goes" (Vol. 4)
05. Joy Division - "Walked in Line" (Still)
06. Dead Meadow - "Good Moanin' " (Shivering King and Others)

Part C: Music for when you realize how fucked we are as a race

07. Funkadelic - "Maggot Brain" (Maggot Brain)
08. Meat Puppets - "Teenager(s)" (Meat Puppets II)
09. Led Zepplin - "No Quater" (Houses of the Holy)

Bonus track: (For when you just want forget the world)
10. Meat Puppets - "The Whistling Song" (Meat Puppets II)

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