I’m 34 tomorrow but mentally I am 12.

01. Martina McBride - “This One’s for the Girls” (Martina)
02. Dar Williams - “Teen for God” (My Better Self)
03. Melissa Ferrick - “Welcome to My Life” (Valentine Heartache)
04. Ani Di Franco - “My IQ” (Puddle Dive)
05. Jason Michael Carrol - “Growing Up is Getting Old” (Growing Up is Getting Old)
06. Emily Jane White - “Time On Your Side” (Dark Undercoat)
07. Drew Blackard - “Just a Day in Your Life” (Just a Day in Your Life)
08. Vixy and Tony - “Thirteen” (Thirteen)
09. Escape Key - “The Girl That’s Never Been” (Shadowbeast)
10. Joanna Newsom - “Sprout and the Bean” (The Milk-Eyed Mender)
11. Kelly Flint - “Story In Your Eyes” (Drive All Night)
12. Joan Baez - “Forever Young” (From Every Stage (Live))

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