I’m completely tactless, and I haven’t shown you that side of me yet, but I want you to know about i

01. Adam Green - "No Legs" (Friends of Mine)
02. Crass - "Banned From the Roxy" (Feeding of the 5000)
03. Pre - "Dude Fuk" (Epic Fits)
04 . Kathleen Edwards- "Sure as Shit" (Asking for Flowers)
05. The Locust- "Spitting In the Face of Fools as a Source of Nutrition" (Flight of the Wounded Locust)
06. Lightning Bolt - "Captain Caveman" (Hypermagic Mountain)
07. The Faint - "Erection" (Wet from Birth)
08. The Groove Armada - "The Things That We Could Share" (Soundboy Rock)
09. EMC - "Don't Give Up On Us" (The Show)
10. My Morning Jacket - "Off the Record" (Z)

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