I’m in lust, not in love.

01. The Beatles - “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?” (The Beatles(The White Album - Disc1))
02. CAKE - “Love You Madly” (Comfort Eagle)
03. The Figgs - “Do Me Like You Said You Would” (The Day Gravity Stopped)
04. Those Darlins - “Red Light Love” (Stick It In)
05. The Wallies - “Sex On A Sunday” (Sex On A Sunday - Single)
06. The Kooks - “Do You Wanna” (Konk)
07. R.E.M - “I Don’t Sleep, I Dream” (Monster)
08. Beck - “Sexx Laws” (Midnite Vultures)
09. AC/DC - “Love Hungry Man” (Highway To Hell)
10. Led Zeppelin - “Black Dog” (Led Zeppelin IV)
11. The Rolling Stones - “Brown Sugar” (Sticky Fingers)
12.John Mayall - “Have You Heard” (Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton)
13. Royal Teeth - “Wild” (Act Naturally - EP)
14. They Might Be Giants - “Shoehorn With Teeth” (Lincoln)

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