I’m sick of seeing mixtapes comprised of nothing but milquetoast indie pop. Belle & Sebastian make m

Note from funkyratchet: Don't take out your anger on babies. There's always yourself. RIP Lux Interior.

01. The King Khan & BBQ Show – "Treat Me Like a Dog" (What's For Dinner?)
02. The Cramps – "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?" (New Rose Story, Vol. 2)
03. MC5 – "Thunder Express" (The Big Bang: The Best of MC5)
04. Thee Milkshakes – Brand New Cadillac" (19th Nervous Shakedown)
05. John Fogerty – " I Can't Take It No More" (Revival)
06. The Blakes – "Two Times" (s/t)
07. Hank III – "No Values" (Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs to benefit the West Memphis 3)
08. Iggy & the Stooges – "Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell" (Raw Power)
09. The Fleshtones – "I Was A Teenage Zombie" (The Fleshtones Present: Time Bomb)
10. R.E.M. – "Red Head Walking" (Accelerate [bonus track])
11. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – "Son of Sam" (Jukebox Explosion)
12. The Sonics – "Wake Me, Shake Me" (Fire & Ice II: The 'Lost' Tapes)
13. The Black Lips – "Bad Kids" (Good Bad Not Evil)
14. The Lyres – "She Pays the Rent" (On Fyre)
15. The Rivingtons – "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" (The Liberty Years)
16. The Gentlemen Callers – "One Too Many Two Times" (With Time Comes a Change)

Compiled by: daveob

01. Black Flag - "I've Had It" (The First Four Years)

02. Mastodon - "Blood And Thunder" (Leviathan)

03. Discharge - "Ain't No Feeble Bastard" (Why?)

04. Motorhead - "Overkill" (Overkill)

05. Converge - "Eagles Become Vultures" (You Fail Me)

06. Electric Wizard - "We Hate You" (Dopethrone)

07. Negative Approach - "Ready To Fight" (Total Recall)

08. High On Fire - "Fury Whip" (Death Is This Communion)

09. Eyehategod - "Peace Thru War (Thru War And Peace)" (Dopesick)

10. Poison Idea - "Feel The Darkness" (Feel The Darkness)

11. Pig Destroyer - "Verminess" (Terrifyer)

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