I’m slowly turning into a plant, and I want it to go faster.

Embrace it. When all of us human beings are dead, the plants will probably be some of the only things that are left. I’m green with envy. And this, plus my prickly, cactus-like disposition, still doesn’t make me a plant. I may throw a lot of shade, but that doesn’t make me a tree.

01. Xiu Xiu - “Plants #3a”
02. Morgan Packard - “Kelp Sway”
03. Radiohead - “Treefingers”
04. Mirah - “Pollen”
05. Fever Ray - “When I Grow Up”
06. Kate Bush - “Under the Ivy”
07. Forest Swords - “Miarches”
08. Herbarium - “Medicinal Plants”
09. Wave Temples - “Silk Weavers at Bamboo Cove (Return to Open Seas)”
10. Theodore Schafer - “Garden Loop”
11. Florist - “Cool and Refreshing”

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