I’m sorry I broke up with you

If you’re looking to send this mix to someone as a way of saying ‘sorry’, it probably won’t work. Odds are, it’ll only increase your grief. Oh well.

Here’s to eternal regret!

01. Great Lake Swimmers - “This Is Not Like Home” (Great Lake Swimmers)
02. The Microphones - “Headless Horseman” (The Glow Pt. 2)
03. The Mountain Goats - “There Will Be No Divorce” (Daytrotter Session)
04. Marnie Stern - “Risky Biz” (Marnie Stern)
05. Menomena - “Dirty Cartoons” (Mines)
06. Modest Mouse - “Whenever I Breathe Out, You Breathe In” (Positive/Negative) (Building Nothing Out of Something)
07. Radiohead - “All I Need” (In Rainbows)
08. Deerhunter - “VHS Dream” (Weird Era Cont.)
09. Slint - “Good Morning Captain” (Spiderland)

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