I’m super gay and super sad

These cover a gambit of emotions tied to sadness for me and are comforting in times of trouble. Many of them are tied to the time of losing my boyfriend and grandmother. Everything has a way of changing, and you are more than your emotions. I send my love from far away!

01. Angels of Light - “Fear of Death”
02. Animal Collective - “Essplode”
03. Arthur Russell - “I forget And I Can’t Tell”
04. The Beach Boys - “I Wanna Be Around/Workshop”
05. The Beach Boys - “Vege-Tables”
06. Bob Dylan - “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”
07. The Clientele - “May Has Brought a Change in You”
08. The Cure - “The Funeral Party”
09. Current 93 - “The Magical Bird In The Magical Woods”
10. David Bowie - “Word On A Wing”
11. Deakin - “Golden Chords”
12. Deradoorian - “Darklord”
13. Grimes - “Belly of the Beat”
14. The Gun Club - “The Breaking Hands”
15. John Maus - “And Heaven Turned to Her Weeping”
16. Julee Cruise - “The World Spins”
17. Kria Brekkan - “Place Of You”
18. The Legendary Pink Dots - “The Safe Way”
19. Mount Eerie - “Yawning Sky [Pre-Human Version]”
20. Oneohtrix Point Never - “No Good”
21. Panda Bear - “Come To Your Senses”
22. Shabbazz Palaces - “The Ballad of Lt. Maj. Winnings”
23. Shabbazz Palaces - “Soundview”
24. Shabbazz Palaces - “Ishmael”
25. Slint - “Don, Aman”
26. Tom Waits - “Watch Her Disappear”
27. Vashti Bunyan - “Trawlerman’s Song”

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