I’m wearing a push-up bra, because I want a man

He’s no longer calling, but the sun keeps comin’ up.

01. The Horrors - “You Said”
02. Inga Copeland - “Speak”
03. Grimes - “Vanessa”
04. Braids - “In Kind”
05. Hymie’s Basement - “All Them Boys”
06. Teebs - “Gordon”
07. Lamb - “Lusty”
08. 13 & God - “If”
09. Nine Inch Nails - “Ringfinger”
10. KMFDM - “R.U. OK
11. Broadcast - “Look Outside”
12. Blonde Redhead - “Distilled”
13. Purity Ring - “Shuck”
14. How To Destroy Angels - “Is Your Love Strong Enough?” (Bryan Ferry Cover)

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