I’m worried about the entropic heat death of the universe

I want this mix to feel existential, as you ponder the extremely long time it will take for all the protons to stop spinning. The last cut on my mixtape is a stereo recording of boiling water. For reasons, Modern Classical, Spectralism, Drone, Krautrock, and FLUXUS artists are the focus of my mix — decision-making. Sit back, relax, and repeat; it’s gonna be a long ride!

01. Olivier Messiaen - “Quatuor pour la fin du temps”
02. Edgard Varese - “Deserts”
03. Atom Heart - “One Atomsecond”
04. Morton Feldman - “Rothko Chapel”
05. Klaus Schulze - “Cyborg”
06. Gérard Grisey - “Les Espaces Acoustiques”
07. T.A.G.C.- “Burning Water”
08. Éliane Radigue - “Adnos I–III
09. Jonathan Coleclough - “Casino”
10. Mirror - “Nights”
11. William Basinski - “A Score In Red Tile”
12. Datacide - “Flowerhead”
13. Walter Marchetti ‎– “Nei Mari Del Sud. Musica In Secca”
14. Joe Jones - “Solar Music”
15. Henri Chopin - “Audiopoems”
16. Philip Corner - “Playing With The Elements”

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