indie pop songs that sound so happy you don’t even noticed how fucked up & vulgar the lyrics are

01. Cars Can Be Blue - "Dirty Song" (All the Stuff We Do)
02. Freeloan Investments - "Kick His Balls Out" (Ever Been to Mexico)
03. Los Campesinos! - "My Year in Lists" (Hold On Now, Youngster)
04. BOAT - "Return of the Rainbow Shoelace" (Songs You Might Not Like)
05. The Cat's Miaow - "I Hate Mysef More Than You Do" (A Kiss and a Cuddle)
06. Frida Hyvonen - "Once I Was a Serene Teenage Child" (Until Death Comes)
07. The 6ths - "Falling Out of Love (With You)" (Wasps' Nests)
08. The Magnetic Fields - "Too Drunk to Dream" (Distortion)
09. The Blow - "Babay (Eat a Critter, Feel It's Wrath)" (Paper Television)
10. The Boy Least Likely To - "Sleeping With a Gun Under My Pillow" (The Best Party Ever)
11. The Besties - "Prison Song" (Singer)
12. Loveninjas - "Meet Me Here" (Secret of the Loveninjas)
13. Jacob Borshard - "Grass Stains" (The Last Brontosaurus)
14. Heavenly "Hearts and Crosses" (P.U.N.K. Girl EP)

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