Jazz that doesn’t sound like the theme song to Everybody Loves Raymond

Not even scratching the surface here, there’s a hell of a lot of jazz you could get into.

01. Miles Davis - “Rated X” (Get Up With It)
02. The Lounge Lizards - “Do The Wrong Thing” (The Lounge Lizards)
03. Tom Waits - “Midtown” (Rain Dogs) (not a jazz album, obviously, but great linking track)
04. John Zorn - “Rejoicing” (Spy Vs Spy : The Music Of Ornette Coleman)
05. Ornette Coleman - “Lonely Woman” (The Shape of Jazz To Come)
06. Charles Mingus - “Freedom” (Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus)
07. Derek Bailey - “Stella by Starlight” (Ballads)
08. Nina Simone - “Another Spring” (Nina Simone and Piano)
09. Bohren and Der Club of Gore - “Crimson Ways” (Black Earth)
10. Jimmy Scott - “Sycamore Trees” (Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me OST)
11. Anthony Braxton - “Naima” (Naima)
12. Billie Holiday - “He’s Funny That Way” (The Lady Sings)

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