Life is short and beautiful and fragile

Image: Roni Kleiner

Hi, I’m Valerie, and I too have been feeling lately that life is short, beautiful, and fragile, and that both terrifies and thrills me. So here are some songs that make me feel better lately. We’re all in the same weird life-boat (pun intended?)

I’m at if ya like these tunes. Let’s be friends! thk u : )

01. Novos Baianos - “Misterio do Planeta”
02. Gilberto Gil - “Barca Grande”
03. Officer! - “All I Got”
04. Aksak Maboul - “Palmiers en Pots”
05. Mdou Moctar - “J’ai Pas le Choix”
06. Betty Davis - “Walkin Up The Road”
07. Khaira Arby - “Tarab”
08. Os Mutantes - “Panis et Circenses”
09. Ringo Starr - “Hey Baby”
10. Zaiko Langa Langa - “Saloti”

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