Looking at the stars in the middle of a lake at midnight on a calm clear night

(stare at the moon until the stars fade away)

01. Stan Getz & João Gilberto - “Corcovado” (Getz/Gilberto)
02. Leonard Cohen - “Like A Bird On A Wire” (Songs From A Room)
03. Curtis Mayfield & The Staple Singers - “After Sex” (Let’s Do It Again OST)
04. Sylvain Chaveau - “Fly Like A Horse” (Nuage)
05. Talk Talk - “New Grass” (Laughing Stock)
06. Do Make Say Think - “Anything For Now” (& Yet & Yet)
07. Broken Social Scene - “Guilty Cubicles” (Feel Good Lost)
08. Lusine Icl. - “Caught In The Middle” (Language Barrier)
09. Helios - “First Dream Called Ocean” (Eingya)
10. Cocteau Twins - “The Ghost Has No Name” (The Moon & The Melody)

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