machine superintelligences from the future are transmitting on our frequency through the vacuum of s

Note from valdemar: this is a freaky party.

01. Ulver - "The Future Sound of Music" (Perdition City)
02. Numbers - "Driving Song(Crash remix)" (Death)
03. Jim O'Rourke - "And I'm Singing" (I'm Happy, And I'm Singing, And a 1,2,3,4)
04. Goodiepal - "Icon Dub" (Narc Beacon)
05. Xiu Xiu - "Pink City" (A Promise)
06. Steve Reich and Pat Metheny - "04 Electric Counterpoint: Fast" (Different Trains /Electric Counterpoint)
07. Four Tet - "Spirit Fingers" (Rounds)
08. Praxis - "Crash Victim/Black Science Navigator" (Transmutation (Mutatis Mutantis))
09. Juana Molina - "Filter Tags" (Tres Cosas)
10. Under Byen - "Syng Hvide Nat" (Kyst)

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