A Math Rock Playlist

I decided on 12 tracks because it’s one bar of 7/8 and a bar of 5/8. 12 is also divisible by 3,4,6, and 2.

01. Slint - “Breadcrumb Trail” (Spiderland)
02. Don Caballero - “For Respect” (For Respect)
03. Rumah Sakit - “Be Careful with That Fax Machine” (s/t)
04. June of 44 - “Sharks and Sailors” (Sharks and Sailors)
05. Chavez - “Pentagram Ring’ (Gone Glimmering)
06. Roday - “Jungle Jim” (Rusty)
07. Sleeping People - “Johnny Depp” (s/t)
08. Storm and Stress - “We Write Threnodies. We Write With Explosions” (s/t)
09. Shipping News - “Books on Trains” (Save Everything)
10. Creta Bourzia - “Pittsburgh Platter” (1002)
11. Don Caballero - “Stupid Puma” (2)
12. Slint -“Good Morning Captain” (Spiderland)

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