Metaphors for Big Dicks


01. Rancid - "Time Bomb" (And Out Come The Wolves)
02. Band of Horses - "Our Swords" (Everything All the Time)
03. Manfred Mann - "The Mighty Quinn" (The Mighty Quinn)
04. Beirut - "Elephant Gun" (Elephant Gun)
05. Gogol Bordello - "Start Wearing Purple" (Gypsy Punk)
06. Chris Bathgate - "Serpentine" (A Cork Tale Wake)
07. The Moore Brothers - "The Puppet" (On & Out)
08. Jay Farrar - "Voodoo Candle" (Sebastopol)
09. Fountains of Wayne - "Supercollider" (Welcome Interstate Managers)
10. Foo Fighters - "Everlong" (The Color and the Shape)
11. Styx - "Mr. Roboto" (Kilroy Was Here)
12. Willie Nelson - "Red Headed Stranger" (Red Headed Stranger)
13. Sammy Davis, Jr.- "The Candy Man" (Mr. Bojangles)

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