A mix tape to listen to while delivering newspapers VERY early in the morning

I know I have had some REALLY early mornings with the job I have now and can empathise... these songs should put you in that sleep walking, zombie-robot mood just long enough for you to finish your shift and go home without falling asleep at the wheel.

01. Placebo - "In the Cold Light of Morning" (Meds)
02. Mark Knopfler - "5:15am" (Shangri-La)
03. Joy Division - "Atmosphere" (Still)
04. Rachael Cantu - "Run All Night" (Run All Night)
05. The Church - "Under the Milky Way" (Under the Milky Way: The Best of The Church)
06. Peter, Paul, and Mary - "Early Morning Rain" (Peter, Paul, and Mary LP)
07. Bob Dylan - "New Morning" (New Morning)
08. B.B. King - "Early in the Morning" (80)
09. Jack Johnson - "Tomorrow Morning" (On and On)
10. Oasis - "Morning Glory" (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

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