A mix tape for the night time when you’ve been outside with friends all day and you’re relaxing on a

The 'climax' to this mix is definitely the Mogwai song. If it's a starry night, there's absolutely no song that will describe the night better. I also added some nostalgia (Beatles, Brand New, Filter) because it fits the theme of summer/friends well. Finished with "Time" because it's probably the most adequate closer to an album like this

01. The Shins - "New Slang" (Oh, Inverted World)

02. Brett Dennen - "Ain't No Reason" (So Much More)

03. Explosions in the Sky - "A Song for our Fathers" (How Strange, Innocence)

04. Of Montreal - "Oslo in the Summertime" (The Sunlandic Twins)

05. Brand New - "Soco Amaretto Lime" (Your Favorite Weapon)

06. Filter - "Take a Picture" - (Title of Record)

07. The Beatles - "In My Life" (Rubber Soul)

08. Radiohead - "Subterranean Homesick Alien (OK Computer)

09. Mogwai - "New Paths to Helicon, Part 1" (Government Commissions)

10. Smashing Pumpkins - "1979" (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness)

11. Zero 7 - "In the Waiting Line" (Simple Things)

12. Pink Floyd - "Time" (Dark Side of the Moon)

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